AbVolt is an electronic engineering firm providing research, development, and consulting services.

System design: Project evaluation and suggested improvements.
Signal processing: Analog, DSP or mixed domain.
Hardware: Development of analog and digital circuitry and PCBs.
Software: Algorithm and software development for PC, embedded microcontrollers and DSPs.
Prototyping: Some manufacturing for preproduction testing and special applications.
Integration: Troubleshooting and/or adding new functionality to existing systems.

Our 20 years of industry experience allows us to tackle a wide range of tasks – from the design of the analog electronics to the development for DSP and FPGA. Our comprehensive solutions are cost-effective and designed specifically for your business. Our system implementation is a natural component of long-term business relations that we enjoy with our clients.

If you have a project or an idea to be implemented, we will be glad to discuss it with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Vladimir Vassilevsky
(580) 336-7949