DSP Utility Locator:

  • Universal utility locator is used for tracing underground cables and utility lines by electromagnetic field.
  • The locator works at any frequency from 50Hz to 500kHz and provides variety of active, passive and special operating modes.
  • The locator's core is BlackFin BF-512 DSP from Analog Devices.
  • DSP technology provides high performance and flexibility.
Abvolt developed electronic hardware and signal processing software for the locator.

Stick-MSL low cost magnetometer/utility locator:

  • This simple to use and low cost tool is used for finding utility lines and ferrous objects in the ground.
  • Utility lines are located by electromagnetic field; ferrous objects are detected by magnetometer.
  • Analog sygnal processing
Abvolt designed and developed software and hardware for the stick.

Utility Tracing Transmitter:

  • Utility tracing transmitter is used together with line locators to inject signal into underground utility lines or cables.
  • The transmitter generates up to 10W output in inductive coupling or direct connection mode.
  • This high power level is sufficient for reliable line or utility tracing at any job site.
  • The operating frequency range is from 512Hz to 500kHz.
  • Transmitter uses power efficient switch mode technology. That allows for longer operating hours when running on batteries.
Abvolt developed electronics and software for the transmitter.

Geophysical measurements and data acquisition:

  • This is universal controller card combining DSP BlackFin BF-526, FPGA, Compact Flash memory, USB interface, Ethernet, three x 24 bit ADC channels and 8 x 16 bit DAC channels, real time clock, a bunch of build in sensors such as temperature and humidity, and extensive peripheral interface.
  • The controller is intended for building modular systems for geoseismic data acquisition, wireless communication and control.
  • The controller runs proprietary OS "Halos".

Underground networked controllers:

  • Abvolt developed a family of small controllers for underground machinery remote control, telemetry, data acquisition and positioning. The controllers are powered by and communicate through proprietary 2-wire network and/or VLF wireless. The devices operate in harsh environment (high temperature, hydraulic fluids) and tight space.
  • This controller provides two PWM regulated outputs (up to 3A each) to drive motors or valves.
  • This controller provides positioning data to the surface. The positioning data consists of 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis compass and temperature.
  • Underground VLF telemetry transmitter with data acquisition. The telemetry is 8 analog channels x 16 bit resolution with data rate of 4800 bps.
  • VLF receiver for telemetry information.